Nathan Johnson

Team Leader

ADDRESS: 215 W Rockrimmon Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Nathan Johnson is the team leader for the Nathan Johnson. But, unlike many team leaders, he still personally works with both buyers an sellers. In 2017, Nathan personally had 96 transactions, which is tops in the Pikes Peak area. Most team leaders just sit back and manage the team. Nathan still enjoys working with buyers an sellers ensuring they get the best service possible.

The motto for the team is "Giving back to our community one home at a time." They chose this because a portion of every closing on the Nathan Johnson Team is given to a local charity where the money is utilized within the community.

Nathan has worked in handful other fields. He worked Construction for a number of years, which helps him notice potential issues and problems in homes during the initial viewing. This could save the buyer a lot of money down the road.

Nathan was also a teacher for 8 years, 6 of those in Colorado Springs, and he still coaches at the high school level. 2018 will be his 11th year. These experiences help Nathan think on his feet and help him manage and work through various situations that buyers and sellers may face throughout the transaction.

Nathan also has a strong tie to the Military. Although he has never had the honor to serve in the military, he has family who has and the majority of his buyers and sellers are either currently in the military or retired from the military. Nathan know the ins and outs of the VA home purchase.

Whether you are a first time buyer or a home buying veteran, Nathan can guide you smoothly through the process. He has connections to great lenders, who have great first time buying programs and down payment assistance programs, reputable inspectors, and has systems in place to make the home purchase go smooth and hassle free.

When Nathan is helping you sell your home, he gives you a huge advantage that many other agents can't offer. He still works with buyers and has walked through thousands of homes over the last few years, so he know what buyers are looking for. He can help you get your home ready from a perspective many realtors can't offer.

"Nathan Johnson is a master at the lost art of follow up.. if you go with Nathan, he will deliver just like he promises..."
David Fournier
Future Buyer